“Wildlife in our Landscape – are we making a difference?”

Holbrook Landcare Network hosted their Biodiversity Forum on Wednesday 18th June entitled, “Wildlife in our Landscape – are we making a difference?”

This year marks 25 years of Landcare in Australia with millions of dollars invested in the landscape for biodiversity benefits. This forum was for farmers, landcarers and the general community to hear about and discuss whether the investments that they are making into biodiversity are having an effect.

Researchers have been undertaking studies to look at this question, and the longest data set has been collected by Professor David Lindenmayer and the Fenner School of Environemnt and Society at the Australian National University. The South West Slopes Restoration project was established in 2000 and looks at how different faunal groups respond to farm plantings. The project site is very large – from Albury to Gundagai.

Professor David Lindenmayer and his team, including Dr Damian Michael and Mason Crane, presented their findings at this forum. There was a high calibre of other speakers on the day; presenting on frogs, squirrel gliders, reptiles, rocky outcrops, role of revegetation and regeneration in changing our landscape.

See below a video from Professor David Lindenmayer, Dr Damian Michael and Mason Crane from the Australian National University, presenting their key messages from their presentations from the forum.

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