Also known as the Mallee Spadefoot Toad

This is a large frog, growing up to 60mm in length. It can be grey, light brown or yellow in colour with dark brown or olive green patches. It has a thin, light yellow stripe down its back.

They have a black lump on the rear heel that acts as a shovel-like structure to help the frog burrow under the surface.


Inhabits dams, streams and waterholes in woodland, mallee, shrubland, heathland and open farmland areas.

Will often spend long period of time underground to avoid drought conditions, but will emerge after heavy rains.


A wide variety of insects and some plant material


Breeding can occur in summer, autumn or winter. The males will call to mate whilst floating in still water.

Eggs are laid in clumps of jelly, and hatch after a few days. Tadpole development take 4-7 months, with metamorphosis occurring around September.

During times of water shortage, the burrowing frog will remain under the soil surface, and emerge only for breeding.


The frog will rear up on its hind legs and inflate itself in an attempt to look larger to predators.