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Happy World Wetlands Day!!

In celebration of World Wetlands Day 2015, we thought we would share some of the images from wetlands in this area….these beauties are all on private land in this region, showing how farmers are able to create and maintain important habitat in the farming landscape.

Dam wetland

Dam wetland in Wantagong – photo Alex Knight


Doughtys Creek near rosewood


Doodle Comer Swamp, Henty in 2013

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Water Ribbons in a wetland in the Wantagong Valley

Mackenzieswetland (1)

Swamp on the Billabong Floodplain near Holbrook

Mackenzieswetland (34)

Gilgai swamp near Holbrook

Mackenzieswetland (40)

Another beautiful swamp on the Billabong floodplain in Holbrook


Fish Ck wetland in the Wantagong Valley

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