Frogs in Holbrook

Over the past few years the number and diversity of frog species has increased in the Holbrook area, as wetlands, creeks and dams have begun filling with water again. The calls of breeding frogs has increased and caused interest in the community. This led to Holbrook Landcare Network, in conjunction with Alex Knight from CSU Albury, to survey the frog populations in the area and investigate their habitats.

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Holbrook Frog Species List

Holbrook is in the catchment of Billabong Creek, one of the longest inland creeks in Australia. Since the flooding rains of 2010/11 there have been many reports of seeing species of fish in the Billabong and contributing streams that haven’t been seen for many years.

  • Plains Froglet – Crinia parinsignifera
  • Common Eastern Froglet – Crinia signifera
  • Spotted Marsh Frog – Limnodynastes tasmaniensis
  • Striped Marsh Frog – Limnodynastes peroni
  • Eastern Banjo Frog – Limnodynastes dumerilli
  • Giant Banjo Frog – Limnodynastes interioris
  • Painted Burrowing Frog – Neobatrachus sudelli
  • Broad palmed Frog – Litoria latopalmato
  • Peron’s Tree Frog – Litoria peronei

Other frogs potentially occurring in the Holbrook area

  • Sloane’s Froglet – Crinia sloanei
  • Bibron’s Toadlet – Uperoleia bibronii
  • Smooth Toadlet – Uperoleia laevigata
  • Wrinkled Toadlet – Uperoleia rugosa
  • Booroolong Frog – Litoria booroolongensis
  • Green Tree Frog – Litoria caerula
  • Brown Tree Frog – Litoria ewingii
  • Southern Bell Frog – Litoria raniformis
  • Verreaux’s Tree Frog – Litoria verreauxii