Common Myna’s on the march

I was out on farm near Gerogery the other day and spotted some of these Common (or Indian) mynas hopping around the silos. This is the first time I’ve seen them this far east.

Common Mynas are an invasive species that is common in cities and towns but is moving more and more into our rural landscape. They are aggressive species that compete with our native birds for territories,  food and for tree hollows, where they nest. They are a brown bird with have distinctive yellow beaks and legs.

The native Noisy Miner is another similar species, but is a native species that also has aggressive habits and is impacting on native bird populations as well.

The Common Myna is not a declared pest and there is not cohesive policy for eradication or control

So how can you discourage them on your farms and gardens?

According to the OEH website, Mynas like tidy lawns, manicured hedges and hard surface areas, so creating a more bushlike native garden will help keep them away. They are attracted to fruit trees, palms and pines. Removing pet food and covering compost bins will deter both mynas and miners.

Attract more native birds by offering water in bird baths, building myna-proof nesting boxes (PDF, 443KBexternal link) and planting locally native trees and shrubs – the most deterring habitat is dense tree canopies and thick shrubbery.

More information and photos for identification:

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