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Bats on the Billabong

Over 70 people attended Holbrook Landcare’s ‘Bats on the Billabong’ might on Thursday 14th April at “Fellow Hills”, Morven. The night was held in conjunction with the Australasian Bat Night which is a public awareness programme aimed to show people the fascinating world of bats and to promote their conservation.

Guest speaker, Dr Helen Waudby from Murray Local land Services, chatted to the crowd about the 13 different species of micro-bats found in the landscape and their function in the landscape. Bats play a vital role in the health of ecosystems and our agricultural systems, eating a wide range of insects including a range of species that are agricultural pests.

Helen, along with Dr Alison Matthews and Matthew Gill from CSU, demonstrated how they track and capture bats using harp traps and an anabat. Traps were set up along the Billabong Creek and checked by participants after dark, unfortunately with no luck. Although we didnt capture any bats, a few other nocturnal animals were seen while spotlighting.

A special thanks to Abby and Hamish Paton for hosting the event at “Fellow Hills”.

This event was made possible through the Slopes2Summit Bushlinks project, funded through the Australian Government.


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