A good weekend for birdwatching….

BirdLife Australia’s Threatened Bird Network  are looking for volunteers to help survey Swift Parrots and Regent Honeyeaters across Victoria, NSW, ACT and Queensland in 2015. These surveys provide critical long-term data on the movements, habitat use and population size of the Swift Parrot and Regent Honeyeater.

The 2015 survey weekends will occur on May 16-17 and August 1-2.

Both of these species are threatened species that are known to visit our region. You might remember the tagged Regent Honeyeater that turned up in 2011 in the backyard of certain Landcare Chair…..

The key areas to look are probably where you might have flowering eucalypts – there are not many about at the moment so the parrots may very well be concentrated on them if they are out there.

The swifties have been spotted in the region as well, so if you are interested in this I encourage you to go to the Birdlife Australia website and have a look at the information there.

More information about Swift parrots can be found on the OEH website also – these guys come up from Tasmania at this time of year and they think there are not all that many breeding pairs left

There was a release of captive-bred Regent Honeyeaters in Chiltern National Park a few weeks ago and the team is keen for sightings of those too. What to do if you see a Regent Honeyeater can be found by clicking here

If you are not sure but think you are seeing something exciting, give Kylie Durant a call (0418198522)  and I can try and help out.  I saw the Regent Honeyeater back in 2011 and it is really a spectacular bird. I will be out this weekend stalking the Swifties!!!!



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